Archeology Museum and Salty Men in Zolfaghari Construction   


 Taleghani and Zeynabiye St. intersection, Zanjan

Historical Background:

This construction is built in latter Ghajar era according the command of Hosseingholi Khan Zolfaghari for his and his son, Mahmoud Khan residency.

Zolfaghari family were the children and grandchildren of Commander Zolfaghar Khan Afshar (Commander of Nader Shah Army) who migrated from Khorasan district after Nader Shah death and resided at Zanjan and Gholtough historical rural district.


Architecture Technique:

 This two-floor construction was built according to European architecture method. Internal decoration consists of tilling, water lily, knot design and different geometric designs.

This monument is in the list of national monument under No. 1852.


Objects in the Museum:

Prehistory Section:

· Cuprous tools, seal and trace of discovered seal from Soha Chay Mount subsidiary of Ijroud country (related to forth millennium B.C.)

· Painted potteries related to fifth millennium B.C. ( from discoveries of Noor Soltan Mount)

· Different potteries, bone tools, stone beads, earthen small statues discovered from Khalese Khoramdare Mount (related to 6th millennium B.C.)


Historical Section:

· Salty men and discovered objects with them (Hakhamaneshian and Sasanian era)

· Different potteries painted in gray from the Iron Age (first and second millennium B.C.)

· Different plates discovered in Ghare Poshtlu, Dosaran, Soha village, Sareji Graveyard in Zanjan related to the Iron Age (first millennium B.C.)

· Sasanian and Ashkanian era


Islamic era:

· Discovered objects from Gonbad Soltaniye including gold inlaid , cross tiles, inkwell, Fagha, Pisooz (suet-burning lights) and …( from Ilkhani to Safavi era)

· Glass and earthen objects (centuries 4th and 5th A.H.)

· Handled,  glazed plates and plates with inscription (centuries 6th and 7th A.H.)

· Earthen bowls and glazed earthen bowls

· Different manuscripts in religion, astronomy and literature

· Documents related to Zolfaghar Khan and Zand era

· Islamic era coins



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