Soltaniyeh Archeology Museum


 Soltaniyeh town-Zanjan province


Historical Background:

 This complex was built according to the command of Soltan Mohammad Khodabande (Soltan Olijayto, one of Changizkhan Moghol grandsons) as his tomb. After he choose Shiite, he decided to transfer Imam Ali’s body (peace be upon him) to Soltaniye which but Shiite clerics opposed and he changed his mind but he built the construction from the tomb of Imam Ali and blessed Gonbad Soltaniyeh. For this reason this part of vault is called tomb house.


Architecture Technique:

 This vault is the biggest brick vault in the world with height 48.5 m and outfall diameter 25.5 m and the third greatest historical construction after Santa Maria Church in Italy and Aya Sufiye in Turkey. The decorations of this construction include tilling and plasterwork and brickwork together with arabesque beautiful figures and Imams’ names.


Objects in the Museum:

·        Enamel tiles discovered in Soltaniyeh

·        Cuprous and silver coins from Ilkhani era

·        Potteries

·        Necklace and glazed decorative beads

·        Simple and glazed Pisooz (suet-burning lights)

·        Inkwell



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Visiting Days: everyday  

Visiting Hours:    In first six months 8-20

In second six months 8-17

 Ticket Price for Iranians and Tourists: Rls. 5000