Archeology Museum in Pir Ahmad Zahr Noosh Abhar Tomb


17 Shahrivar St., Abhar, Zanjan Province


Historical Background:

This historical construction is originally the tomb of Molana Ghotboddin Abhari entitled Pir Ahmad Zahr Noosh, one of the mystic of sixth A.H.

Architecture Technique:

 This unique brick tomb was built in vault style of Saljoughi era in the shape of a 20-face construction.


Objects in the Museum:

Objects Related to Historical Era:

· Different daggers, arrows, banners, brachial, armlets and bronze power ring related to first millennium B.C.

· Plates related to Ashkani era, gray potteries of the Iron Age related to first millennium B.C.

· Potteries discovered in Hidaj and Abhar related to first millennium B.C.


Islamic Section:

· Pisooz (suet-burnt lights) discovered in Soltaniyeh, single barrel and two barrel guns (Ghajar era)

· Different manuscripts in astronomy, religion and medicine (Teimouri to Ghajar era)

· Potteries (third century to Ghajar era)

· Cuprous etched plates made in Zanjan (Ghajar era)

· Islamic era coins



· Inscriptions of Ghajar era, discovered in Dare Sejin Abhar and Falj Khoramdare villages

· Different tombstones (Teimourian to Safavian era)


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Visiting Days: everyday except Mondays

Visiting Hours: In first six months of the year 8:30-20

                            In second six months of the year 8:30-18

Ticket Price for Iranians and Tourists: Rls. 5000