Natural History Museum of Zanjan Province



Eram Park-Shohaday e Jahad Sq. (Darvaze Tabriz)-Zanjan


Museum specifications:

 in this museum you can see beautiful views of plant and animal settlements and beautiful features of natural caves of the province.

Different savage animals such as Gazelle of Sohrein plain, wolf, bear, antelope, deer, buck, scorpion, poisonous and semi poisonous  snakes, fish, arthropods, turtles and different birds are displayed in this museum as natural figures.


Tel: +9824-33561900

Vesting Days and Hours: Saturday to Wednesday 8-14

                               Thursdays                    8-13

                                Fridays (first six months of the year) 14-20

  Fridays (second six months of the year) 14-19

Holiday days : Mondays

Ticket Price for Iranians and Tourists: Rls. 5000