Anthropology museum in laundry building (Rakhtshoy khaneh)


 Rakhtshoy Khaneh alley, Saadi Vasat St., Zanjan. Iran.


Historical background:

this historical building which was peerless in culture and art of architecture in Iran was constructed by order of that time mayor (the late Haj Aliakbar Khan Tofighi) on 1928. The laundry building has been constructed for development of public health and providing welfare and security of Zanjan women especially in winter season.


Architectural Style:

 the materials are included stone, brick, wood, combination of lime and cement. The consumable water was supplied by aqueduct of Haj Mir Bahaoddin fort.


Different parts of laundry:

1. Caretaking: including yard, green space, and a residential unit for watchman.

2. Washing space: a salon, 63 m * 13.7 m, which its roof at the middle is over 11 piles and at the sides is over walls. There are various pools for washing dishes and dresses.

3. Water tank: there is a space, 17 m * 11.5 m * 8 m, at north of salon which its lateral surface has been covered with cement.


 Objects of museum:

 Kinds of poniards, kashkool, axe, meerschaum, gaud, metal talisman from brass, etching copper dishes made in Zanjan (all related to Ghajar era)

Tel: +9824-33326020

Visiting days: every day except Mondays

Visiting hours: at first six months of year: 8:30-20:00

                        at second six months of year: 08:30-18:00

Ticket price for foreign & Iranians: 5000 Rls.